Citizen Recruitment

We have enabled network extensibility through a recruitment incentive platform using voluntary community builders called we call UBUnodes. Nodes can be individuals, a group of friends, companies or any entity with a customer database they can legally leverage.

Node Value Proposition

Node Compensation

Citizen registrations in total UBU databaseNode UBX earnings
0 - 99,9991
100,000 – 199,9990,5
200,000 – 399,9990,25
400,000 – 799,9990,125
800,000 – 1,599,9990,0625
1,600,000 – 3,199,9990,03125
3,200,000 – 6,399,9990,015625

How to become a Node

The first step to be a Node is that you must register as a Citizen and activate your e-wallet at

Nodes are appointed following a screening process only.

Please email for details.


Duplicate Citizens and Vendors will not earn rewards

Citizens and Vendors receiving invitations from multiple Nodes will be allocated to the Node whose referral code they use to register

Network builders effectively have a share in the Network and have to be apply to be appointed

Nodes must first register as a Citizen and activate their e-wallet at